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Guarino's Restaurant - Est. 1918

Guarino's Restaurant - Est. 1918

Our Story

Cleveland's Oldest Restaurant - Since 1918

Our Restaurant Circa 1953
At the turn of the century, when Mayfield was a much less traveled road, Vincenzo Guarino let his native Sicily to seek his fortune in America in this newly settled Italian neighborhood of Cleveland. Within just a few years, he realized his dream of a business of his own, a tavern and pool room, serving food. It was patronized by the brigands of the times as well as professors and musicians from the nearby cultural and educational institutions. During prohibition, he served liquor in coffee cups to the elite of Cleveland, while his mother-in-law had a thriving wine business on the next street.
Grape Vines hanging in the Garden

After his marriage to Mama Guarino, they began to serve more and more food, and in turn became a full restaurant and bar. He turned the apartment above the restaurant into the family home which became an elegant fifties townhouse housing three generations of Guarino's. The elegant garden opened in 1959 and still holds the trumpet vines and grape vines Vincenzo brought from Italy. The roses he brought are unfortunately gone, but the tradition of combining nature's beauty with our Italian food remains!

In 1954, after his father's death, Vincenzo's only son Sam decided to carry on the family business. in 1963, Sam decorated Guarino's as it is now, in the Victorian era with antiques. Upon the death of Mama Guarino and Sam, Marilyn (Sam's wife) and Nancy Phillips (a close family friend) took over the business (1988). They remodeled the townhouse into an elegant dining room with early Victorian decor. The Victorian Parlours, as they have been named, can seat up to fifty people and have been the location of many rehearsal dinners, company banquets, and various parties. You can have an intimate dinner for two in the parlor that was once the nursery, and then reserve the bed and breakfast, "Nona's Attic," that was once Marylin and Sam's girls' bedroom.
Nancy Phillips
Today, Nancy Phillips, and two of her children (Scott & Rachel) are continuing the family business and evolving the menu and atmosphere while preserving the history that has taken place this Cleveland establishment for nearly a century. Many of Nancy's seven children and fifteen grandchildren have served your table, poured your wine, cleaned your dishes, and even cooked your dinners over the past twenty years of her leadership!

As we turn toward our 100 year anniversary and Centennial Celebration, we take great pride in making you a part of our traditions.

We look forward to serving you!

Guarino's Restaurant
-est. 1918